3rd TPM, 12-13 of December 2023, University Leuven-Limburg- BE

On 12 and 13 December, the international DIGINTRAINERS team met at the UCLL (University Leuven-Limburg) campus in Leuven (Belgium) for the 3rd Transnational Project Meeting. 

The team has been working for a year to systematically strengthen the (digital) international dimension of VET at EQF 5 and EQF 6 level, at teacher level, at organisational level and at regional level. 

During the two days in Leuven, the team made huge steps in the development of the training paths on (digital) internationalisation in Vocational Education and Training.  

In particular, the implementation of the competence framework was further elaborated by exploring and defining its potential application in the development of the training paths. The team also discussed the assessment of the training paths. Different perspectives on the assessment of competences were shared and critically evaluated. Peer assessment, inter-organisational feedback, 360 degree feedback were further explored and their usability in the assessment process was weighed. The proposal to integrate micro-credentials for certification was also evaluated. 

During the second workshop, the team built on the development of training pathways for teachers, organisational staff and regional actors that took place during the transnational meeting in Bucharest (Romania). Partners were asked to consider design principles with four main categories: intercultural aspect, content of the organisation, teaching and learning methods and assessment. In the coming weeks the partners will continue to work in groups to further develop the training paths for the three focus groups of the project. The team work will be followed by the further development of the specific modules in the coming months. 

In short, DIGINTRAINERS is ready for a great start in the new year. With all the work done and a big dose of enthusiasm, the DIGINTRAINERS team welcomes 2024!

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